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Two Foster Carers from Blackpool will be joining us online on Thursday 23rd May to talk about the importance and impact of creating and saving memories for children in care.

Taking place during Foster Care Fortnight with its focus on celebrating #fosteringmoments, Andrea Ullyott and Shelley Smith will give a real insight into their experience and how memories shape a child’s journey and identity, both during their time in care and in later life.

Andrea Ullyott, 57, and husband Keith live in Cleveleys, Blackpool, and have been fostering for almost 22 years.
Andrea says, “Over the 22 years we have looked after lots of children, mainly babies and toddlers. Each one has left a lasting memory. Fostering isn’t always easy; it can have its challenges, but the rewards completely outweigh the difficult times.
“The greatest reward is seeing these children grow up, especially when they come back and visit as young men and women.”

Shelley Smith became a Foster Carer a year after losing her husband Andy, ten years ago. Shelley says, “Fostering is something we had planned to do together but unfortunately Andy became ill and this didn’t happen.
“I care for babies and toddlers and my whole family support me and treat each little one as family while in our care. It isn’t always easy and moving little ones on who have spent sometimes years with us is always difficult, but it’s lovely following their progress as they grow & settle with their families.”

You can join us online to hear more about Andrea and Shelley’s first hand experiences of capturing and saving memories for children in their care. It is a free event and you can book your place here